Super Fast and Powerful Tips For The 55 x 5 Method!

55 x 5 method and 33 x 3 method

Why Do So Many Fail At The 55 x 5 Method?

If you have read about the law of attraction or manifestation, then you probably have heard of the 55 x 5 manifestation method. This exercise just combines two very popular manifestation techniques of journaling (or scripting) and affirmations.

The 55 x 5 method is actually extremely simple and takes only a few sentences to describe how to do it. You can skip right to how to do the 55 x5 (or the shortened version 33 x 3 method) if you want, but I highly suggest you read my tips on making it a ritual first.

The reason for this is, even though the 55 x 5 method is easy to do, where it gets tough is it’s a pretty big time commitment- and also a mindset commitment.

If you practice this technique while in the wrong mood, or skip a day, you will be less effective. It can be hard to stay focused and consistent with our often busy lives.

Therefore, only try these methods when you really want to do it properly- every day!

It doesn’t have to be difficult though, and if you make it fun, it can be quite an enjoyable practice to add to your daily routine. I’ll show you how to do that in this post.

How to Make It Really Work For You

So the key to avoid only manifesting hand cramps, is you also really want to add a third manifestation technique by making it a manifestation ritual.

One way to make this method more fun is to make it a daily ritual practice.

Really go all in. The amount of writing you have to do is like journaling on steroids! Might as well make that time you spend writing fun. It will make the time go by faster, and keep your vibrations high while you write.

Set Up Your Ritual Space

To do this, you will just want to get yourself a ritual space designed for maximum manifestation- somewhere quiet, and comfy where you won’t be disturbed.

Add in some manifestation props like your favorite tea, relaxing music, crystals, essential oils, relevant affirmations nearby or even a vision board- and it won’t feel like a chore, but a daily quiet oasis you look forward to.

That kind of attitude in your daily 55 x 5 method or 33 x 3 method practice will really help.

You can find more on making a unique ritual space here.

Pick The Right Affirmation

The other thing to keep in mind with the 55 x 5 method and the 33 x methods is your manifestation statement, or affirmation, has some very specific guidelines.

It needs to be:


In the present tense

Include gratitude: At the end of the statement, always add gratitude in and thank the Universe or God for already providing what you are asking for.

Stick to one topic at a time (too many things will get tiring and distract you)

Keep it short

Example Affirmation Statement: “I’m so thankful I have a career I love.” You would not say, “I wish I had a better job!

The magic in this technique is repetition and thinking of what you want as if it’s already here. This really can change your subconscious belief over time, and gets rid of those pesky abundance blocks you may have.

Our thoughts are energy, and eventually become reality. By doing this method every day in the right mindset, you train your brain to send out the right energetic frequency. That’s why it’s important you don’t look at this as a chore, or something you don’t enjoy if you want it to be successful.

How To Do The 55 x 5 and 33 x 3 Method

Now that you are in your comfy manifestation space, get your journal and pen ready. Here is what you do:

55X5 – Write your phrase 55 times for 5 days straight. Don’t worry about how it will happen, or if it’s possible. Just focus on enjoying your manifestation as if it’s already here. Try to do this at the same time each day if you can. If you miss a day, you will need to start the whole process over again! I like to write at night so I can go to sleep and take advantage of it being the last thing I thought of at night, instead of obsessing about it all day long. This helps you to really let go and move on each day after you complete the process.

33×3 – If you are short on time, you can do this method. Instead of 55 times for 5 days, you would write the phrase 33 times for 3 days straight.

When you are done with your 3 or 5 days, just take the journal and throw it away, or put it in a manifestation box. Keep it out of sight and out of mind. One important factor in manifesting is letting go of your desire for it to work!

What If Nothing Happens?

What if you do everything right, but your manifestation doesn’t happen?


Don’t stress about it!

This method is no different than any other manifestation technique. You need to let go of your need to control the results and the timeline of when something will manifest.

While you can manifest before your time is up on this method (and you can stop the method or finish up the full 3 or 5 days-choice is up to you!), many people don’t get results right away. It could be a day later, or a year later.

What you need to know is it worked! Don’t feel the need to do it again, unless you really want to.

Instead, do your best to forget about it and focus now on raising your vibrations by staying happy and trusting the process. Do things that make you happy, to take your mind off of it!

Your manifestation will likely appear when you least expect it! If you start to get frustrated or impatient, you can do another round if it makes you feel better to do something- but just know, you don’t have to.

You should always do any manifestation technique with the mindset of manifesting what you want, or something better. By being open to something better, you are detaching from how the desire of what you want, while still believing in it.

It can be tough to really believe in something while also letting go of it, and for me, that has been the best way to achieve that kind of polarity.

The Significance of 55 x 5 and 33 x 3 in Numerology

Why does this method use specific numbers like 55 x 5 and 33 x 3? Is there any significance?


The number 5 in numerology is all about changes, and new opportunities. The angelic number 555 is also thought to be a sign of communication with angels.

I also think 5 is a nice number for creating a new habit. It’s long enough to make change, but not such a big number that you get overwhelmed.

If you are even busier though, 3 x 33 is just a faster way to accomplish the 55 x 5 method. So why not 2 or 4?

In numerology, 3 is really one of the smallest numbers you can get away with for lasting change. It also may be small, but packs a powerful spiritual punch. 3 is a very powerful number. It’s considered very spiritual (look at the holy trinity for example) and positive. Many consider it a lucky number.

As far as angel numbers go, 333 is usually a clear sign you are on the right path. It’s a very reassuring number! Which makes it great for this purpose.

55 x 5 Method and 33 x 3 Success Stories

I’ve included this section here for 55 x 5 method success stories and 33 x 3 method success stories because people like to know if this process will be worth their time.

A quick search online will come up with hundreds of results, but I like forums like The Law of Attraction Reddit because you are unlikely to find someone just trying to sell you something. Don’t get me wrong, if I like a product I will recommend it as an affiliate and make a commission. There is nothing wrong with that.

However, this method really doesn’t require a program or course. So if you are just looking for genuine, unscripted success stories, the best way is in forums

I also like this video below, although she is of course also recommending some courses and manifestation programs in the links below it.


So, that’s it! Have you tried the 55 x 5 method or 33 x 3 method? What are your thoughts on it? Do you have the patience for it? I’d love to hear your thoughts on these methods in the comments below!